Welcome to Third Grade Letter
Welcome to third grade.  I hope everyone had a wonderful summer vacation.  The following is an outline of important information which will be presented during Parent Orientation Night.  It includes details about homework, special events, our classroom, and more.  I am looking forward to a great school year.  Please feel free to contact me at ssperrazza@stpeterspw.org. Thank you:)

-daily math calendar
-graph daily temperature (bar graphs)
-monthly packet (skill reinforcement)
-journal writing
-Simple Solutions-daily CC math practice

Class Rules:
1. Homework in neat and complete.
2. Be a good worker.
3. Say nice things.
4. Keep my hands and feet to myself.
*Chips may be used for 'shopping' on Fridays.

Gym, Music, Art, Computer, Spanish, and Writing Lab

-posted on class webpage and written in Agenda.
-Reading (Fall, Winter, and Spring book reports)
-Other subjects
-Advance notice of tests with review sheets.

Field Trips:
-Safety Town (Fall)
-Another in the Spring

Special Projects:
-History Bazaar
-Garden Salad
-Boat Regatta

Your child may dress down up their birthday. Contact me if you would like to provide a small snack for the class during lunchtime. When you arrive at school, please check in with the nurse first.  If possible, please bring a list of the ingredients used.  Please be aware there may be children with food allergies. Arrive in the cafeteria @ 11:40.  Summer birthdays can be celebrated on "half birthdays".

Additional Information:
-Meeting with class moms to plan holiday crafts and snacks.
-Collect magazines for classroom projects.
-Absent notes are sent in when your child returns.
-Scholastic Book Clubs: October-May
-Participation in fundraising activities and events such as the School Celebration, Scrip, School Golf Outing, and Amazon.com.