Mrs. Deriu's Kindergarten Class

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Kindergarten class...

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We just finished working with the super kid Icky and the letter Ii.  The students learned it makes two sounds - a short sound and a long sound.  We focused on the short sound as in the sound you hear in the beginning of Icky.  The long vowel sounds are focused more in first grade.  We also focused on the sound in the middle of words, like pig, wig, win, pin.  We are now working with the superkids - Tic, Tac, and Toc.  We are focusing on identifying initial and ending /T/. We continue working on word families, rhyming words and sight words as well as letter formation.  Each super kid has a listening piece where the students listen to identify different sounds and following oral directions.  We continue to review the letter sounds for Cc, Gg, Ss, Aa, Ll, Dd, Ii and Oo; as we continue to blend those sounds to make words.

Sight Words:
We have learned the following sight words: yellow, blue, red, I, and, can, see, we, at, like, to, green, orange, have, no, go. We play a pop corn sight word game for reinforcement as well as look for sight words in books from our classroom library.

Read -A- Louds
We listen to stories to find out about story elements (character, problem, solution) as well as work on sequencing what came first, then, last.

We have been working on our measuring unit using the terms longer/taller than or shorter than. We also were using a balance scale to see what weighed more when comparing two objects.  We just finished with capacity of what holds more or the same. As always continue on working on numbers through 10 in different configurations and finding hidden partners of each number.  We are starting to work on the concept more or less or the same.

We learned about what most animals do in the winter and focused on hibernating, we watched videos and read our let find out magazine about bears. We also learned about penguins and learned many facts about them.

Social Studies:
We learned about Martin Luther King Jr. and how he changed the world for the better through being kind, and fair as well as spreading peace and love throughout the world.

We have been preparing for Catholic Schools Week and focusing on the four words: learn, serve, lead and succeed.
 We continue each day with the sign of the cross as well as the many prayers throughout the day.  We continue to talk each day about what would Jesus do (WWJD) in certain situations. 

 If at any time you have questions or concerns, you may email me at and I will get back to you as soon as possible.

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