Mrs. Deriu's Kindergarten Class

Welcome to Mrs. Deriu's
Kindergarten class

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We had a great start to the school year.  We met new friends and were excited to see our old friends. The students illustrated what they did over the summer and shared it with the class. 

The first couple of days was getting to know the classroom routines as well as learning the names of our new classmates. We read The Kissing Hand and discussed different feelings the students may have experienced on the first day of school.  I am happy to say no one was sad or nervous - at least that was what they told me - I'm sure it might have been a different story at home!    

The first full week we continued to learn the routine of the classroom.  We came up with a set of class rules as well as rules for the playground and for on the bus to keep us safe. We talked about being kind and using our manners with our friends and teachers.  We also went to our first school Liturgy - they were very well behaved in church.

Week 9/10 - 9/21

We started our Superkids reading program. The first superkid the students met was Cass. Cass loves to cook.  So our focus will be on the sound the letter Cc /k/makes. We also started working with our first sight word: Red

We are focusing on number recognition before we start with our math program.  We are learning to write the numbers correctly.  The first couple of months will be focusing on number 0-10.  We are also talking about things that are the exactly the same and things that are not exactly the same.

Social Studies:
We are learning how each of us are unique as well as very much alike in our all about me unit.  Example:  We all have families which makes us alike, but each family is unique to them. 

Science: Our first unit will be all about motion.  We will start discussing position words and then go into how things move.

Religion: The children are learning the sign of the cross as well as the many prayers we say throughout the day.  We have spoke about how God is always with us and watches over us to keep us safe.  We are also talking about how God gave us friends and how should we treat them.


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