Ms. Gentile's Fourth Grade (1)

Hi Parents,

Curriculum as of October is as follows:

Math-we are almost done with  Module 1.  The second half of Module 1 consists of word problems using addition and subtraction.

ELA-we continue to work on Grammar including such topics as capitalization, types of sentences, and punctuation.

We are alternating Spelling and Vocabulary on a weekly basis. This week we are doing Vocabulary.

Writing-we continue to write in our journals.  The class also meets with Mrs. Cosentino for Writing Lab as well twice a week.

Reading-We began reading Because of Winn Dixie. 

Science-We started our Science curriculum which is focusing on energy and forms of energy. 

Religion-Continue to foster a relationship with God.  We are now covering sin, temptation and free-will.

Extra help is available by appointment.  Please contact me 24 hours prior to a proposed date/time.  Thank you!

 Any questions, please don't hesitate to contact me (