Mrs. Lehmuller's Fifth Grade Class

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Daily Homework
Study for State/Capital Test and DAR Essay
Work on Weekly Virtue Activities!
ELA- Read chapters 9-12 in novel, Trumped of the Swans and study for Latin/Greek Root Test
Science- Fruit/Vegetable Race Card and Information Card/Study for Chapter 1 Test 
Art- Bring in supplies for project by 11/12: Paper towel rolls, plastic cups, egg cartons, yogurt cups, plastic water bottles 16 oz., and masking tape *** If you find anything else useful, bring it in.  (No milk containers).

Tests and Quizzes

ELA- 11/15 Vocabulary Units 1-3, 11/13 Greek/Latin Roots
Science- Chapter 1 Test on 11/14 Properties of Matter

Long Term Assignments

Religion Weekly Virtue Assignments (Refer to Handout For Details)
DAR Essay- Due December 3rd.  
State/Capital Test is on November 26th.  Students will also need to know abbreviation for each state.

Special Reminders

On days of school liturgies, please wear school uniform with sneakers if you have gym.

Extra Help Provided Daily From 2:30-3:00. 
If that time does not work, I am also available before school from 7:30-7:55 and during recess on Monday, Tuesday, and Thursday.

Field Trip to Cradle of Aviation on November 13th. Please wear your gym uniform, bring a brown bag lunch, and spending money.

Save the Date! Fifth Grade Fishing Trip is June 18th!

Demerit Policy
For my classroom:
Three missing homework assignments/inappropriate behavior is a demerit.  Students will have to stay in with me for indoor recess.  A total of three demerits is detention.  Students will have detention for a forty minute period either before or after school.  Please refer to student handbook for school policies.  Students will have to make note in Student Demerit Log Book and parents will be asked to sign and return demerit slip.

Weekly Specials
Monday~ Art 8:45, Spanish 12:55
Tuesday~ Computer 12:15, Gym 12:55
Wednesday~ Spanish 8:45, Music 12:15, Art 12:55
Thursday~ Library 8:45, Computer 12:15
Friday~ Spanish 8:45, Gym 12:15, Music 12:55

Students will be having recess prior to lunch. Lunch will begin approximately 11:50 AM.

Hello My Name Is...

Merilee Lehmuller


Hi, my name is Merilee Lehmuller.  This is my twenty second year teaching at St. Peter's School.  I have experience teaching at both the primary and intermediate level. I look forward to my new position as St. Peter's Middle Science Teacher for Grades 5-8. I received my bachelor's degree in Elementary Education from the College of St. Rose and my master's degree from CW Post in Special Education. I am proud to be a member of St. Peter's family and take pride in making sure all students strive for academic success and follow the teachings of God.