Nursery (Twos)

Hello My Name Is...

Maureen Cummings
March 19- 23

st joe

St Joseph- Loving and Giving


March 19 is the feast day of St Joseph- husband to Mary and father to Jesus. We learn from Scripture that St Joseph was a protector of the Holy Family. He was a support to Mary and he kept Jesus safe when soldiers were pursuing young baby boys. I imagine that Joseph was a gentle man but very strong in his love for his family and for God. Since Joseph was a carpenter and Jesus too, we will focus on tools this week. The children love to play with our toy tools. It will give us a chance to do some matching and also talk about other tools in our homes. You can talk about the tools you use at work. For many of us, a computer is an important tool.                                                    


early spring

We will also celebrate the coming of Spring on March 20. Our crafts will be to decorate a bunny and to glue  tissue paper to make a forsythia branch. We will also be doing lots of bunny jumps. If the weather is sunny we will go outside to breathe Spring air and to exercise our muscles.  Be sure to look for early signs of Spring in your yard.                                                                                        


k henkes            Book List                                                  

Tap Tap Bang Bang- Emma Garcia
I Love Tools- Philemon Sturges
When Spring Comes - Kevin Henkes

Calendar Notes 

March 23- School will be open 

March 24- Easter Egg Hunt Event

March 29- April 8- Easter Break- School will be closed
* Please note that we do not follow the Public School calendar 
April 21- School Celebration at the North Hempstead Country Club                            


We love to go outside ! Please dress your children in warm jackets. If the sun is shining brightly, we go out for a few minutes even if it is a little chilly. We do a lot of running.