Mrs. Cummings Two Year Old Class

Hello My Name Is...

Maureen Cummings 

December 10- December 14


Last week ,we told and retold the story of Mary, Joseph and the Angel. This week we will add Baby Jesus and the animals to the story. We will be using song and our Nativity figures to proclaim that God sent Jesus to be our special teacher and friend
. We will also share how we are decorating for Christmas with a focus on the tree and ornaments. We will be looking  at the geometric shapes of the tree and ornaments while we do some art projects. Last week, we rang the hand bells. They were very loud! This week we will ring the jingle bells- a lovely happy sound. Thank you for sending the children with mittens and hats. We try to go outside everyday even if it is for only a few minutes to run around the play yard.


Book Shelf

Blocks- I Dickson

Pick A Pine Tree- P Toht

Jingle- Jingle- N Smee


Advents Saints


December 12

st lucy
Saint Lucia- December 13




On The Calendar

Last Day of School  before Christmas vacation is December 21