Mrs. Cummings Two Year Old Class

Hello My Name Is...

Maureen Cummings 

November 13- November 16

ty lord

Our Harvest Feast

This week we will celebrate the harvest especially corn and potatoes. They are two foods that were first grown in the Western Hemisphere.The Wampanoag People saved the Pilgrims from starvation and taught  them how to plant corn, beans and squash. Potatoes are a staple for many people around the world but they were first grown by the Incas. We gather together at Thanksgiving to thank God but also to remember the kindness and generosity of people who help others like the Wampanoag People.

This week , we will dance to a Wiggles song, Hot Potato\ Cold Spaghetti. We will play a Hot Potato Game. On the Flannel board, we will learn about the Three Sister- corn, beans and squash and sing about a  funny turkey. At the Art Exploration table we make prints using legos and paint and we will decorate turkey puppets with dot markers and feathers.  Hopefully, we will get outside for fresh air and running.






Book Shelf 

Raccoons and Ripe Corn- J Arnosky

Potato Joe- K Baker


November Events and Reminders


November 16- Parish Party- Please see Website for details

November 22- 23-
Thanksgiving Weekend- School Closed -We  are thankful for the blessings in our lives and we remember the kindness of the Wampanoag People  to the Pilgrims in 1621. The Native Americans taught the newly arrived refugees  how to grow corn.   

November 25- Family Photo Opportunity- please see school website for details

November 27- Barnes and Nobles Book Fair - Manhasset- 7-8:30    

December 1- Bagels With Santa and Holly Fair- Flyers were sent home about this event.



Bagels With Santa

December 1



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