Nursery (Twos)

Hello My Name Is...

Maureen Cummings 

April 23- April 27

We Love Trees

Trees and birds are are mentioned often in Holy Scriptures. As  Adult Catholics ,we look to the symbol of the wooden Cross to proclaim the salvation that Jesus won for us. In the Twos, we continue to sing The Celtic Alleluia- Jesus is Risen ! Alleluia !

arbor day

Arbor Day is April 26
            This week, as blooms and leaves are beginning to appear, we will focus on trees. We will learn about the gifts that trees give us as well as the importance of trees to our animal friends. We will complete very simple tree themed crafts. One of the crafts will feature our hand. Our hands will form the branches of a tree. We will learn the chorus to the song, The Green Grass Grew All Around. It is a long song but fun to sing. On the Flannel Board, we will play a memory game. The children will have to guess the animal that is missing. We will sing the no peeking song when I remove the animal! We will hopefully get outside this week so please dress  the children warmly. It is great to breathe the fresh air that the trees and the Lord  provide for us. 


Book Shelf

A Tree Is Nice- J Udry
The Busy Tree- J Ward
A Tree for Me- N Van Laan
Big Bear Hug-N Oldland

  animals in trees

Calendar Notes 


April 26-27  Spring Photo Opportunity-   Please contact B.Bergin for information                                          

May 28- Memorial Day- School is Closed                            

June 11- 12  Last day of school -  Dismissal at 11                                                  


Parents Club  News !

Shopping Party - May 1 - Talbots
Please see school website for details

Outside Play, Hurrah !

We love to go outside ! Please dress your children in warm jackets. If the sun is shining brightly, we go out for a few minutes even if it is a little chilly. We do a lot of running and climbing!