Nursery (Twos)

Hello My Name Is...

Maureen Cummings


March 27- March 31  


 This week we will be celebrating eggs. An egg is a great symbol for  Easter. Out of an egg comes new life. Birds do come from eggs but so do alligators, turtles and dinosaurs! We will be singing and dancing to songs about eggs and birds. We will be counting eggs on the flannel board. We will be learning about some animals that hatch from eggs.

Our Art Exploration

                                                                easter eggs
This week we will be using old fashioned shaving brushes to paint paper eggs. This is a two day project. The second day we will decorate our eggs by using Q-Tips and small sponge brushes. Painting is a favorite activity in our classroom.


                Book Shelf          

   Egg- K. Henkes
   First The Egg- L. Seeger
   What Will Hatch? - J Ward




Calendar Highlights

Easter Vacation -April 12- April 23  School is closed.
April 24- School Begins Again



Registration: Please contact Barbara Bergin for Registration Forms and Information. Please spread the Good news of the Little Learners Program and the Twos to interested neighbors and friends.

Learning at St Peters is both exciting and spiritual ! We have wonderful teachers in Grades K-8. Please let others know of our wonderful school.