Pre-Kindergarten 1

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Hello and welcome to our Pre-K Class Page, where you will find information on all the exciting things we will be working on this year.   My name is Patricia Carter and I am thrilled to be your child's teacher this year.
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The Pre-K children just finished their first full week together and what fun it was!  This week the children were introduced to the song, God Bless America, which will be sung each morning, along with our prayer and pledge.  The children started learning about apples and had fun making some crafts to help decorate our hallways.  We also listened to stories about apple trees  and the season of autumn.  We started our math program, counting to two and comparing objects to see how they are the same, yet different in some way (color, size, etc.)  In Religion, we continue to talk about kindness toward one another and how God loves everyone.

The Week of September 25
This week we will continue with our theme of apples and autumn and will listen to a book about Johnny Appleseed and his love of apples.

We will continue working in our various centers and this week the children will have an opportunity to explore a new center, our sensory table area, which is themed for the season of autumn.  

We will continue exploring our numbers in math, counting and comparing 3 objects.  

This week we are also going to start our Unit on All About Me, working individually and as a class on various projects.  

Nora is going to be our Star Student of the Week this week and we are very excited to learn all about Nora.  She will share her poster with us on Monday and she will have a chance to take our friend Sneetch home with her.  We look forward to hearing about their adventures together.

Please send in an extra outfit, including socks, in case of a bathroom accident.  Make sure it is appropriate for the season and school. Please place in a small bag and label all items. Thank you.

Monday: Art 9:25-10:05
Tuesday:Gym 10:05-10:45 (Must wear sneakers)
Wednesday: Computer 12:55-1:35
Thursday: Library 12:55-1:35
​Friday: Music 9:25-10:05

Thank you in advance for all your support.  Again, I look forward to a wonderful year of fun and learning with your beautiful child!!  

               "With God, all things are possible."  
Matthew 19:26

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