Mrs. Carter's Pre-K 1 Class

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Hello and welcome to our Pre-K Class Page, where you will find information on all the exciting things we will be working on this year.   My name is Patricia Carter and I am thrilled to be your child's teacher this year.
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Please feel free to contact me with any questions and concerns.

Important Dates to Remember: Mark Your Calendar!!  

On Friday, May 17, the Pre-K children will be singing in the School spring concert, which begins at 7 pm.  Children are asked to arrive by 6:30 on that evening.  Pre-K children should wear khaki pants/skirt/skort and plain white shirt.  All children should wear comfortable shoes for safety, as they will be going up steps and risers. 

Spring Picture Days are on May 20. All children will have their pictures taken.  They will take spring pictures as well as graduation pictures. 

On Wednesday, June 12, the Pre-K will have their graduation in the school church at 9:30.  Refreshments will follow the ceremony in the cafeteria.  Please note that this will be the Pre-K children's last day of school for the year.  Again, more information will follow as the date approaches. 

Half Day:  
Friday, May24 Pre-K will be dismissed at 11:30 for Memorial Day Weekend.

School will be closed on Monday, May 27 due to Memorial Day and on Thursday, May 30 due to Ascension Thursday.

Week of May 13

In Math we will continue working on Module 5.   This week the children will review counting and recognizing the numerals 0-10, as well as working on simple subtraction sentences.  

In Literacy the children will continue practicing identifying and writing letters of the alphabet, as well as practice naming and identifying rhyming words. This week we will review the letters Ii,Jj,Kk, and Ll.

In Religion, along with saying our morning and before meal prayers, we also continue to talk about What Would Jesus Do? (WWJD) in certain situations, helping us in our social situations, as we play, share, and learn with each other.  We listen to stories in the bible to learn more about Jesus.  This week the children are also learning the prayer, The Hail Mary, as May is the month of Mary and on Friday, May 17, we will have our May Crowning, hosted by the 2nd Graders. 

Our caterpillars Have arrived and they are growing and growing!!  The children are getting very excited and waiting for the chrysalis stage. 

Our crafts and stories this month will focus on the spring season, and Mary our Mother.  The children will finish working on their Mother's Day present and start working on decorations for graduation. 

In Music class, as well as in our classroom, we will practice our songs for the Spring concert, which is on May 17.

As the temperatures are rising, we are planning on going to the playground as much as possible.  Please see that your child wears appropriate outer wear for the temperatures and sneakers for safety outside.  Thank you so much!

This week we will learn more about our friend, Gianna, as she is our Star of the Week.  We can not wait to discover more things about her.

 Special Classes:

Monday: Music
Tuesday: Library 
Wednesday: Art 
Thursday: Gym time 
Friday: Music 

Thank you in advance for all your support.   I look forward to a wonderful year of fun and learning with your beautiful child!!  


               "With God, all things are possible."  
Matthew 19:26

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