Mrs. Smith's Pre-K 2 Class

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Working on the letters: 
Uu, Vv, & Tt.

Save the date: Pre-K hosting family Mass on 3/17. (9:15 ... choir loft) 

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Hi, Pre-K students. I am so excited to be your teacher! We are going to have a fantastic year.

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Another wonderful week in Pre-K. I am so blessed to have your children in my class! This week we will be working on:

  Putting our own snacks and lunches in the appropriate baskets, and putting our coats into our cubbies. (Please label all of their outer gear)*** Also, please assist us in teaching your child to zipper their own coats. Thank you.

We will read: books about winter, hibernation, Arctic animals, Dr. Seuss, St. Patrick's Day, and Easter

 We will continue to talk about Mary, Jesus' Mother & our spiritual Mother. We learned that God is the Creator and everything He created is good! We  learned that Jesus is our spiritual Brother. We are learning The Lord's Prayer and the Haily Mary. We are starting to discuss Lent, Holy Week & Easter.

In math: We are counting on during calendar time and have completed our 100 chart for the 100 days of school. We are counting to 10. They also learned to count in descending order. They should be able to do 1:1 correspondence (1-10). We started learning about shapes; their number of sides & corners. We have moved beyond plane shapes and are learning about three-dimensional shapes. WE ARE NOW DECOMPOSING NUMBERS 6, 7, & 8. We are also working on tally math. Week of 3/11- review length, start weight and volume

We are learning the letters: Uu, Vv, & Tt

Conceptually the focus will be: triangle, pencil, white...
Colors, the ABC song, and shapes are woven into each day.

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Upcoming Birthday(s):  Sawyer

Star Student: Sawyer 3/11
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Monday: Art 
Tuesday: Library
Wednesday: Music
Thursday: Gym
Friday: Music

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