Welcome to Mrs. Deriu's
Kindergarten class

We are well in the swing of things in kindergarten.  We have the routine of the classroom down, know all are classmates names and are really becoming great learners!

We continue learning our morning prayer and the prayer we say before we eat snack and lunch, as well as learning the Act of Contrition at the end of the day.  In religion we continue to talk about all of God's creations and all the gifts God provided us.  We talked about the word Praise and what it means when we praise some one.  We talked about ways we can praise God for all the good he has done.  We can pray to him, say thank you for a toy, food, family, etc.

We continue practicing writing our names making sure the letters touch the lines they are suppose to. We are learning to use a capital letter at the beginning of our name and the rest of the letters need to be lower case. 

We finished our first unit in our reading series and are now on to meeting our second super kid named Oswald.  We were introduced to the letter Oo and started working on the sound it makes.  We will make a Oo book to reinforce the sound.  We will continue to work on top, middle, bottom and the shape of a circle.

In math we started working on the NYS Modules.  We are learning to sort, group and put together things that are exactly the same and not exactly the same.  We are focusing on the numbers 1 to 5 and learning that they can be represented in different ways.

We were introduced to our first two sight words - I, Am.  We added two more words - see, like.  We will be working on different activities through out the week that helps them to retain and recognize the words in print.

In science we started our unit on apples and the season of fall.  We are doing fun activities during the week that incorporate what we have been learning.

In social studies we are discussing what it means to be unique and learning that we can have similar qualities that make us alike.  Like what we like to do, eat, play, family, etc.

Please remember to check the class page weekly to see what other fun and exciting things our going on in Kindergarten!

If at any time you have questions or concerns, you may email me at and I will get back to you as soon as possible.  

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