Welcome To Kindergarten

The Week of March 27, 2017
In Literacy this week the children will be introduced to the letter Pp and its sound at the beginning and ending of many words.   The children continue to have fun practicing their sight words and CVC words in our various classroom activities. We will continue to write and read CVC words, using these and our sight words in simple sentences.  The children are enjoying writing and iliustrating simple sentences in their journals. I am so proud of them.  In our Worldly Wise vocabulary lessons,  the students will be introduced to 5 more words through our special stories and colorful picture cards, this week.  As they learn new words, it is wonderful to see them get excited as they hear these new words throughout the day in other subject areas and stories.  

In Math the children will continue working on Topic 11, decomposing numbers 11-19 and will conclude with an assessment in Math on Friday, March 31.

This week the children will also have an opportunity to begin working in Easter themed Literacy and Math centers.

In Science we will conclude our lessons on the animal habitats making our own little booklets and will learn about the life cycle of a chick. through our Scholastic Magazine, Let's Find Out.  The children will read, watch videos, and play interactive games, as they explore the chicken's life cycle.  The students will be introduced to the idea of incubation.  

In Religion class the children will continue learning about Jesus and how He wants us to love others as he loves us.  We will also read about and watch a video about the life of Saint John Bosco, who like many Saints, showed love and devoted his life to caring for others.  We will also explore the Corporal Works of Mercy, learning the many examples Jesus has given us for caring for others.  

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