Homework for the Week of February 13, 2017

Monday- Happy 100 Day of School.
-Reading- Study the sight words like and come tonight.
-Religion- Pretend Jesus, as a child,  is coming to your house to play and spend the day with you. Draw a picture and with the help of an adult write a sentence or two describing what you and Jesus would do together. Use the special paper provided.

Tuesday- Happy Valentine's Day!
-Math- No Math Homework tonight for Valentine's Day!
-Reading- Study the new sight word of tonight.
Page 45 Circle the pictures that begin with the /b/ sound.


-Math- Homework Practice Book pages R9-6 and P9-6
-Reading- Study the  sight word, of again tonight.
-Phonics- Color the objects that begin with the /b/ sound. 


-Math- homework Practice Book pages R9-7 and P9-7
-Reading-Study the new sight word, said tonight. 
-Phonics- Page 47 Trace and print the letters B and b. 
Say the name of each picture and color the picture if its name begins with /b/.