Homework for the Week of March 20, 2017

Monday- First Day of Spring!!

Reading-  1.Since there will not be any school on Friday, you will receive the new book in the Bag today and return it on Thursday. 2. Study the sight word,  for tonight.  There will be a short assessment on Thursday on the letters /n/ and /m/, sight words no and for, as well as on reading CVC words and a short story with simple comprehension questions.  
Phonics- Say the name of the picture on the stamp and if its name begins with /m/, print m on the envelope.  
Writing- Write 3 sentences in your red homework notebook, using any of these sight words and CVC words.  Sight words: I, we, she, he, can, go, do, is, are, said, no, for, like, look, see, and said.
Please encourage your child to also use simple CVC words that they can sound out and spell on their own.  
Complete counting sheet.   We started Topic 11 today on Decomposing numbers to 19.
Reading- 1.
Read your  "Book in the Back" again.  2. Study the sight word for again. 
Writing- Write 3 sentences, using sight words and CVC words.  Try to use the word for in one of your sentences. 


Math- Homework Practice Book pages R11-1 and P11-1
Reading-1. Read the "Book in the Bag" tonight and please return it tomorrow.  2. Review the sight words, no and for and any other sight words that you might have trouble with.  There will be an assessment on the /n/ and /m/ sounds, reading CVC words, a short story and answering simple comprehension questions.  

Thursday-  This homework is due on Monday since there is no school on Friday.
Math- Homework Practice Book pages R 11-2 and P11-2
Reading- Study the new sight word, play tonight. 
Writing- Write 3 simple sentences.  Try to use your color sight words and CVC words