Homework for the Week of April 24, 2017

-Math-Homework Practice Book pages R12-6 and P12-6
-Reading- 1. Review your sight words tonight.  2. Complete the sheet on the CVC words starting with w. On Thursday, the children will have a reading assessment on the letters  P, V, and W and their sounds.  See below for more information.

-Writing- On the paper provided, pick an animal that you learned some facts about today at the zoo and write 3 sentences about what you learned.  Draw a picture to accompany your sentences.

-Reading- Read your “Book in the bag.”

-Math- Homework Practice Book pages R12-7 and P12-7
-Reading- 1. Read the “Book in the Bag.” 2. There will be an assessment on the letters P, V, and W tomorrow. Check homework sheet for more information.  

-Math- Homework Practice Book pages R12-8 and P12-8
-Reading- 1. Read the “Book in the Bag” and return it tomorrow.2. Study the new sight word, jump.
-Writing- In your red homework notebook write 3 sentences.  Use the new word jump in one of the sentences.  Remember to use words you can sound out, as well as sight words you already know.