Mrs. Lehmuller's Science 6-7-8 Class Pages

Merilee Lehmuller
Middle School Science Teacher

Homework and Assessments
Please refer to left margin for homework and science assessment dates.  Just click on the grade level calendar and Middle School Test Page. 

Special Reminder for All Grade Levels
Extra Help Will Be Provided Daily From 2:30-3:00. If that time does not work, I am also available before school from 7:30-7:55 and during recess on Monday, Tuesday, and Thursday.

Demerit Policy
For my classroom, three missing homework assignments/inappropriate behavior is a demerit.  Students will have to stay in with me for indoor recess.  Three demerits equals detention.  Students will have detention for a 40 minute period either before or after school.  Please refer to student handbook for school policies.  Students will be asked to make note in Student Demerit Log and parents will have to sign and return demerit slip. 

Middle School Science Open House Agenda 2018-2019.docx