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Hello and welcome to our Pre-K Class Page, where you will find information on all the exciting things we will be working on this year.   My name is Patricia Carter and I am thrilled to be your child's teacher this year.
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Please feel free to contact me with any questions and concerns.

Thank you to the children that sang at the Family Mass today.  They did a great job!!

Friday, March 22 is Mother and Son Night.  Come join the fun.  

Week of March 18, 2019

In Math the children will continue with Module 4  and this week they will work on volume and capacity.  We will use the terms: big, small, more than, less than, and same as.  

In Literacy the children will work on literacy skills revolving around the story, Peter and the Wolf and continue tracing and writing the letters Uu, Vv, and We.

In Religion, we continue to pray each morning and before snack and lunch.  The children are learning the Lord's Prayer.  During the season of Lent, we will be praying for each other each morning, as the children will receive a paper cross with a classmates name written on it and we will offer our prayers for that day for that special person.  During the season of Lent we will talk about ways that we can be more like Jesus.   We also continue to talk about What Would Jesus Do? (WWJD) in certain situations, helping us in our social situations, as we play, share, and learn with each other.

In Music class, as well as in our classroom, we will practice our songs for the Spring concert, which is in May. 

As spring arrives this week, we hope to get out to the playground more.  Please see that your child wears appropriate outer wear for the temperatures and sneakers for safety outside.  Thank you so much!

Special Classes:

Monday: Music
Tuesday: Library 
Wednesday: Art 
Thursday: Gym time 
Friday: Music 

Thank you in advance for all your support.   I look forward to a wonderful year of fun and learning with your beautiful child!!  


               "With God, all things are possible."  
Matthew 19:26

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