Mrs. Cummings Two Year Old Class

Hello My Name Is...

Maureen Cummings 

March 18- March 22

st joe

St Joseph, Pray For Us

This week we honor St Joseph , the father on Earth that God chose for his  Son. St Joseph was a man of action and not a lot of words. Scripture tells us that Joseph, the Carpenter, cherished and protected Jesus and Mary. Jesus was taught the trade of carpentry from St Joseph. We know that Jesus was very articulate so that both his parents taught him to work hard and speak well. Those two goals are in the Twos classroom. Our work looks like play but it is the richest most effective learning and we encourage using words to express our feelings and needs. St Joseph is a wonderful model of love and sacrifice  for all of us.  
This week we will honor St Joseph by focusing on tools. We will highlight tools in books, songs and movement. We will learn a finger play about five little nails. We will also look to nature to find signs of Spring since this week marks the beginning of Spring, which usually begins slowly then all of a sudden bursts into blooms.  We have been watching for the return of robins. Our art exploration table will have wood, yellow blossoms and corrugated cardboard. Please remember that our art invitations  are open ended and not craft projects. The children are encouraged to do it their way.  Hopefully, we will spend some time each day running outside.            



Book Shelf

I Love Tools- P Sturges
My First Robin- A Rockwell
Wake Up. Its Spring- L Ernst



st j


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On The Calendar
  March 29- School is closed  for a Professional Day                                        
March 30- Tomorrow's Hope Fun Run                                                         
April 5- School Celebration                                                                        
April 13- Easter Egg Hunt                                                                          
April 18- April 28- Easter Break - School closed