Nursery (Twos)

Hello My Name Is...

Maureen Cummings 
Welcome Summer 2018


Happy Summer to all my darling students and their families. It  was truly a blessing to be spend the year with you. God bless you all.

Welcome to the class of 2018- 2019

I am looking forward to seeing former families and meeting new ones in September. This summer , I hope to learn more about mathematizing the classroom and being an intentional teacher. I am always happy to learn new strategies in the classroom. I will also travel a bit. One of my destinations is Fallingwater in Pennsylvania . It is one of the magnificent structures designed by Frank Loyd Wright. His buildings always remind me of unit blocks, which is one of my favorite materials in our classroom. Summer offers so many wonderful opportunities to learn and relax. 

Book Recommendations for New Students




Ask your librarian for other great Preschool books.                                                   

Have a blessed, safe and happy summer!