Pre-Kindergarten (Pre-K-2)

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Happy April


We continue to talk about Lent and how it means we are becoming closer to God as we prepare for Easter.  We continue to  focus on doing nice things for each other to make Jesus happy!  We also bless our classmates during morning prayer. 
We continue to say the Sign of the Cross, our morning prayer and the prayer we say before eating.

We also continue to talk about using good manners, sharing with our friends, treating our friends nicely and making good choices.  All things that would make Jesus happy.

Morning Meeting

We continue to say the Pledge of Allegiance and now know that the right hand goes over our heart.  We sing God Bless America, the days of the week, weather and month songs.  We use the calendar to help as count and are focusing on the days of the week with today is, yesterday was and tomorrow will be.  We are using the 10 Frame to count how many days we have been in school and also learning to count by 10's with the completed 10 frames.

 Reading Series

We just finished unit 7 of our reading series - The City Mouse and the Country Mouse. In this unit we focused on the letters O,P,Q; Identified the color brown, long, short, arrow and rectangle.  We worked on things that are the same and different and worked on listening and following oral directions.  

We are starting unit 8 - The Tug of War.  In this unit we will focus on the letters R,S,T; understand the color orange; above, below; up and down; wide and thin.  We will begin to work on beginning sounds in words.  We will discuss the difference between fantasy and reality. 

Spring Theme

We started decorating our hallway with things that you find in spring.  We made flowers, birds nests and will be making butterflies.

We are getting ready for Easter - we made bunnies, eggs and crosses to decorate the hallway!

Star of the Week for April/May

Megan C. - 4/3

Ava R. - 5/2 

Ava S. - 5/8

Piero R. - 5/15

As always we continue to enjoy the playground each day with the other Pre-K class.  Please remember to send in a sweater or sweatshirt when the weather is cooler because we will be going outside once the weather gets nice.

Coming up.......

Easter Party - 4/12

Easter/Spring Vacation - 4/13 - 4/21

As always stay tuned for more fun and exciting things we will be doing!!