Pre-Kindergarten (Pre-K-2)

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Hi, Pre-K students. I am so excited to be your teacher! We are going to have a fantastic year.

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Another wonderful week in Pre-K. I am so blessed to have your children in my class! This week we worked on:

  Putting our own snacks and lunches in the appropriate baskets, and putting our coats into our cubbies.

We read: This is the Turkey & are talking about the true meaning of Thanksgiving.

We have been talking about Mary, Jesus' Mother & our spiritual Mother. We are learning that God is the Creator and everything He created is good! We are also learning that Jesus is our spiritual Brother. There has been a big emphasis this week on treat others the way you want to be treated! We are also reading from a Children's Bible.

We continued to work on calendar skills, colored fall pictures, colored a sheet for Veteran's Day, worked on our cutting skills specifically with La Tortuga. In math, we have been singing "The Ants Go Marching" and the children are learning that 1 by 1=2 and 2 by 2=4. We are still working on All About Me books in computer class. We have been practicing for our Thanksgiving show. And we are beginning to talk about the First Thanksgiving.

Our Thanksgiving show/celebration is Tuesday, November 21st at 9:30 am in the cafeteria. The performance part will last less than 15 minutes. We will have a breakfast to follow. You will be hearing from our class moms soon:) 

*** If you are taking advantage of our hot lunch program, please send a note with your child's monthly orders. The children are too young to know what they ordered and the beginning of any program is a challenge. Thank you!!!

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Next week, we will be reading The Elves and the Shoemaker. We will be learning about the letters Gg & Hh. New homework will be sent home on Tuesday. Also, please help your child to recognize and write their name. Please review letters Aa-Ff at home. 

This week the focus will be: green, circle, parts of a whole, and top, middle, and bottom. 

In math we are working on numbers 1-5. Not only counting them, but recognizing them. 

Colors, the ABC song, and shapes are woven into each day.

*** The Walk-A-Thon was a huge success and lots of fun. Please send in your donations ASAP. Thank you!

Upcoming Birthday(s): Katie

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Star Student Week of Nov. 27 Julia


Monday: Music 8:45-9:25
Tuesday: Library 12:55-1:35
Wednesday: Art 9:25-10:05
Thursday: Computer 12:55-1:35
Friday: Gym 10:05-10:45 (wear sneakers)

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