Pre-School (Three year old) - 5 Half Days

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School is closed Week of February 20th
We return on February 27th

We have been having a wonderful Month. We celebrated winter by making a new sensory bin with fake snow and lots of winter animals. We learned the letters all the way to P. We had fun painting with pom poms, making popcorn and penguins. We learned about what things are good for our teeth and painted with puffy paint. We loved to sing our Jesus song and dance to our celebration song. We had a fun celebration for Valentine's Day and loved bringing home special cards for our loved ones. We will finish the month with the letter Q making queens, quilts and Q-tip painting.  We continue to work on our social skills, especially taking turns and using polite words.


WEDNESDAY- ART(8:45-9:15)               FRIDAY- GYM(10:05-10:40)