Pre-Kindergarten (Pre-K-2)

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Student Open House September 4th-7th
9-11 am (drop in to say hello and drop supplies)

*** All supplies should be labeled with their first and last name. Thank you!

Parent Orientation September 6th 7-7:30 pm
Welcome Cocktail Party to follow

SPS Golf Outing
September 27, 2018
Contact Sarah Fay~ 1 (631) 546 8192

Hi, Pre-K students. I am so excited to be your teacher! We are going to have a fantastic year.

My email address is

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Another wonderful week in Pre-K. I am so blessed to have your children in my class! This week we worked on:

  Putting our own snacks and lunches in the appropriate baskets, and putting our coats into our cubbies.

We are currently reading books about:

 We will be talking about Mary, Jesus' Mother & our spiritual Mother. We will learn that God is the Creator and everything He created is good! We will learn that Jesus is our spiritual Brother. 


In math:

Lunch Web Site

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We will work on the letters:

Conceptually the focus will be: 

Colors, the ABC song, and shapes are woven into each day.

Upcoming Birthday(s): 

Star Student:
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