LOTE (Spanish)

Señora Murphy
¡Hola! My name is Maria Murphy and I
teach Spanish to grades
4 through 8. ​


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GRADES 4 & 5
: Students will be reviewing vocabulary learned throughout the year. Students are encouraged to continue looking over their vocabulary over the summer. At this level, students learned basic words which will definitely carry over throughout the years. Practice is very important.
I suggest that students use an app called "Duolingo" which is available on iPad, iPhone or computer format.

GRADES 6 & 7  : Students will be reviewing concepts learned this year. We will be utilizing our Chromebooks to play games such as Kahoot!
At this level, students should know basic vocabulary as well as verb conjugation skills. We have learned "-ar", "-er" and "-ir" verbs as well as the verbs "Ser", "Estar", and "Tener". Students should have the ability to know when to use each of these verbs properly. We also learned "Present Progressive" and "Possessive Adjectives". 
Students are encouraged to review all of these concepts over the summer in order to move forward with new information in September. Students can practice on an app called Kahoot! which allows them to practice and learn new words in Spanish.

Have a wonderful "verano" (summer).

Please feel free to e-mail me at mmurphy5632@stpeterspw.org