Mrs. Murphy's Spanish Class

Welcome to Spanish



My name is Maria Murphy and I am very excited to be teaching Spanish to your children. This is my 3rd year as part of the St.Peter of Alcantara Family and I'm pleased to say that I am now meeting with students in grades K - 8.

We have a lot of exciting things coming our way this month. We will be using technology in all of our classes while building basic language skills which will be a great foundation for language learning in the years to come.

If God is with us...

  Students are learning about "Los Modales", good manners. We will be focusing on polite words and situations which they would be used.

GRADE 6: Students are beginning to explore Latin America. They will be researching some of it's countries and finding interesting facts. We are beginning with Nicaragua. 

GRADE 7: Students are exploring Latin America by learning about Peru. They will be working in small groups during class to create a Google Slide Presentation based on their research

GRADE 8: Students are discovering the mystery of the Nazca Lines. These are strange rock formations located in Peru. No one quite knows their origin. Students are working in small groups to create a Google Slide Presentation of these fascinating formations.

EXTRA HELP OPPORTUNITIES: If the need arises, I am available for extra help after school from 2:30 - 3:00 on Monday, Wednesday and Friday. 

I look forward to a wonderful year!
Señora Murphy