Diocesan STEM Fair

St. Peter's at the Diocesan STEM Fair
Posted on 04/16/2019
STEMThe Diocesan STEM Fair was held at Holy Trinity High School on April 6th. Four teams from St. Peter's School were invited to attend: 5th Grade:  Makenna Fay and Jillian Jinete (Portable Vacuum), 6th: John Nawojchik and James Kinsey (Tensile Bubbles), 7th: Kiera Cucunato and Anne Penha (Firework Sunglasses), 8th: Ava Whitting and Jocelyn Lara (Makeup Organizer). Science teacher Mrs. Lehmuller, art teacher Mrs. Saar and math teacher Mr. Cangro were there as well. The judging of the projects took approximately 1 1/2 hours. After, the fair was open to the public to view the projects.  There was an award assembly that took place. The Superintendent of Schools and the Bishop were in attendance and presented the awards. It was a great experience for the students.